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    About Mix 'n' Match Creamery Mix 'n' Match Creamery is where science and deliciousness meet. With a blast of liquid nitrogen, kept at a frosty -320°, each order is custom made to your particular flavor request. Forget 32 flavors, at Mix 'n' Match you can create millions of flavor combinations. All created in an entertaining and exciting way, right before your eyes!

    The liquid nitrogen freezes everything so fast that ice crystals don't form, and therefore, our ice cream is a level of smooth and creamy only dreamed of by lesser mortals. Ice cream just like Grandma used to make... if Grandma was a space monster capable of shooting liquid nitrogen out her tentacles. Deliciously entertaining goodness, powered by science

    Start your ice cream adventure today. Mix 'n' Match Creamery.

  • Step one button Step 1. Choose Your Size Small $4.00
    Medium $6.00
    Large $7.00
    Step one button Step 2. Choose Your Base Premium milk
    Nonfat / Sugar free
    Vegan / Coconut milk
    Step one button Step 3. Choose Your Flavor Almond Roca, Amber Agave,
    Banana Cream, Black Berry,
    Butter Scotch, Chai Tea,
    Caramel, Cheesecake, Cherry,
    Chocolate, Cinnamon,
    Coconut, Coffee, Cupcake,
    French Vanilla, Gingerbread,
    Grape, Hazelnut,
    Irish Cream, Kahlua, Maple,
    Marshmallow, Mint, Orange
    Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Spice
    Root Beer, Salted Carmel
    Strawberry, Toffee
    Step one button Step 4. Choose your Mix N's Almonds, Bacon, Brownie
    Bits, Butterfingers, Captain Crunch,
    Cashews, Cheesecake, Chocolate
    Chips, Coconut, Cookie Bits,
    Graham Crackers, Gummy Bears,
    Heath Bar, Kit Kat, Lucky Charms,
    M&M's, Marshmallow Cream,
    Mini Marshmallows, Mixed Nuts,
    Pineapple, Oreo Bits,
    Raspberries, Reese's Cups,
    Reese's Pieces, Snickers, Sour
    Patch Kids, Sprinkles (rainbow or
    chocolate), Strawberries, Twix,
    Season Fruits,
    Step one button Step 5. Choose Your Extras Extra flavor .50
    Extra mix n .50
    Sugar cone .50
    Cake cone .50
    Waffle cone .75
    Waffle bowl 1.00
    Extra liquid nitrogen .50
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    Add an awesome twist to your party! Our delicious liquid nitrogen ice cream & Alcohol-Infused Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is sure to be a memorable experience! We do weddings, corporate events, street fairs, parties, and more! Call Eric West at 971.678.5653 or email for more information and pricing.
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